Forging a New Land

by Pestilent Age

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In this cold unhospitable land full of ice and snow
Waring tribes of Slavs spread about where wild beasts roam
with out mighty ships we'll take this land for the glory of our kin and Odin

Sharpened steel glistening bright we make our way across the country side
No opposition no army in sight surrender now spare your life
We'll forge this land into our own and give our kin a place to call home
building tall walls of stone the death of an ideal the purging of old

bow to Rurik your new master stand before him embrace new rule opposition met with blood shed to defy him ensures your doom

vast countless rivers now belong to us unlocking the gateways to the Middle East and Europe
financing a country on rape and pillaging selling all our slaves and gold for goods in the middle east
the hearts of our men know no fear for they are not afraid to die
financing a country on rape and pillaging selling all our slaves and gold for goods in the middle east

forging spears, axes, and shields crafting armor against swords that pierce
assembling armies biding our time before unleashing violence on lands near by
from this land of ice and snow we bring with us fire and smoke
a trail of blood leads us back home after we take all that you own

growing stronger ever fearless death in battle pleases Odin

time has come to march on south we sail to war

Guitar solo

the river tells us where to go south towards Constantinople
a great city filled with gold lays defenseless with armies abroad
many ships take us from home many men won't return
sacrifice shall be made a trip to Valhalla the worthy shall make


released January 26, 2017
All music written by Leland Roach, Stephen Worley, Brandon Lesley, and Nicholas Chaney-Ruiz. Tracking, Mixing, Mastering, and Editing done by Kyle Langley. Editing also done by Giles Lafave.



all rights reserved


Pestilent Age Lapeer, Michigan

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